"Constantly reach out/pray to whatever supreme power or deity one believes in for clear vision and guidance. Personally, I am a Christian. So, seeking Jesus throughout running my business has helped me with making decisions, having a plan, and staying grounded."



Joanna Oladiji

"The Real Estate Fashionista"

Owner & CEO of Oladiji Realty & Construction

Everything about Joanna Oladiji says BOSS. From her fashion to her passion, Joanna Oladiji is the #BlackGirlBoss inspiration we've all been looking for. As Owner & CEO of Oladiji Realty & Construction, Joanna's Real Estate expertise spans every level and facet of the board. Like many entrepreneurs, this lifestyle has always been a part of Joanna.

Her personal journey began at the tender age of 9 selling candy and Girl Scout Cookies, but it flows through her veins, as her Nigerian Father and American Born Mother carry the entrepreneurship label as well.

Throughout her professional career, Joanna has touched every aspect of the industry, including leasing, property management, and even construction. Her experience representing buyers, sellers, investors and even banks made the formation of Oladiji Realty & Construction an inevitable reality.

Oladiji Realty stands out, because Joanna takes her time to encourage her employees to continuously offer exceptional customer service, and she lends lots of credit to different technologies that she's been able to implement exceptional client relations.

"I like to think of myself as a liberator," Joanna says, "I want to inspire individuals to become a better version of themselves. With my clients...I love to see them break away from bondage. Bondage of thinking that they will never be able to own a successful investment property. Bondage of getting over the fears of purchasing their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.., home. With my staff, I am addicted to seeing their growth. I'm usually 1000x's more elated than they are when they hit a goal or reach an accomplishment. Helping them reach a level of independence and financial freedom by being their own boss is like a drug to me. "


Oladiji Realty & Construction

If you're looking to buy, sell or invest in the Chicagoland area, Oladiji Realty & Construction is the perfect place to start.

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