"I do what I do to shine light on others. I love spotlighting influential people who do amazing things. Its my overall mission. "



Demetria "Mz. Metchi" Brown

CEO of The Blueprint Media Company

Media Personality, Content Creator & Brand Pusher

Founder of Chicago Media Conglomerate

Demetria, or Mz. Metchi as we call her, is a rocket soaring to the top. She's one of those women who achieves whatever she sets her mind to, so about two and a half years ago when Demetria set forth on her entrepreneurial journey, her success was already inevitable.

The Blueprint Media Company is the home for everything that Mz. Metchi produces, and doesn't ONLY create content, but works with small businesses, entrepreneurs and artists with marketing and promotional assistance.

The fusion of each side the company is her radio show, The Blueprint Radio, where she features up-and-coming artists, offers great, engaging and interactive content and focuses on shining a light on small businesses and entrepreneurs in her network.

"I stand with the clients I work with. I help them build, continue to network and support them long after the work is done," comments Mz. Metchi. Most recently, she's gathered a group of elite media professionals in Chicago and has founded the Chicago Media Conglomerate whose mission is to foster collaboration over competition.

To top it all off, Mz. Metchi is herself a phenomenal brand ambassador for some AMAZING brands, including; Pouty Girl Lip Gloss, Slugg'n Apparel, NoirGirl Lip Gloss & Matte Lipstick, Gems By Jazz Hair & Wigs Collection and Pretty Curvy Savage Apparel. It's clear, Mz. Metchi is headed to the top with a momentum unmatchable!

"Be consistent and diligent in all that you do. Consistency is one of the biggest factors in staying relevant and continuing to grow!" -

Mz. Metchi

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