"You'll never have time for something if you never make time for it. Fight for your happiness and success like you're fighting your enemy on the street for your life."



Natalie Rochelle

Business Consultant & Entrepreneur

at NR Media Agency & Brown Girl CEO Network

Licensed Cannabis Advocate & Owner at Indo Hy Organics

Natalie's photo should be listed in the dictionary next to the word Boss. As a multi-industry success story, Natalie's main drive for success is to show that successful black women can come from anywhere -- including the hood.

"I do what I do because in the city of Chicago, Englewood is one of the top most dangerous and deadliest neighborhoods. I am here to show that good does come out of Englewood and to be an example for black girls and women that anything is possible regardless to where you came from," says Natalie.

Natalie started off in entrepreneurship only 3 years ago, but has hit the ground running and created a respected and recognized group of brands.  As a business consultant and entrepreneur, her company NR Media Agency offers high end branding and marketing services for small businesses and both solo and entrepreneurs.

Natalie is also the masterful mind behind the Brown Girl CEO Network, a brand focused on growing female entrepreneurs through business workshops and conferences.  She also hosts the award winning CEO Chats podcast, available on multiple streaming platforms.One of the most dynamic and unique brands under Natalie's belt is Indo Hy Organics, which offers premium CBD/Hemp Marijuana products sold legally and also offers a unique opportunity for other individuals to legally get into the industry.

"My businesses are unique because all of them were started because of a personal or professional battle I went through and saw a gap that needed to be filled with quality, professionalism, and representation." - Natalie Rochelle

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